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Squirrel Removal in Charleston, SC

Need Squirrel Removal?

If you have a critter problem and need squirrel removal, give us a call or fill out our form for a free price quote today! We get it–squirrels are a nuisance. Though they may look cute, they can cause some serious damage. From chewing through your roof to creating holes in with their gnawing, it’s no wonder you want them gone. Thankfully, our experts know what needs to be done so that the squirrels won’t overrun your home any longer.

Why Should You Use Our Charleston Squirrel Removal?

Squirrels aren’t just annoying to your dog, they cause serious damage. Many people find themselves dealing with a squirrel infestation in their attic. Though you’re most likely to see rats or mice, squirrels are no strangers to making their home in your insulation. They gnaw through your roof and walls to get inside access.

Squirrels can also cause outside damage. If you have plants or a garden, squirrels will often chew these things or rummage around in them, causing irreparable damage to your outdoor yard. Our squirrel removal in Charleston makes sure that you don’t have to deal with that any longer.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

There are a few key signs you should look out for when dealing with a squirrel infestation:

  • Missing plants from the garden or yard
  • Squirrels fighting in your yard
  • You hear scratching in the walls during the day
  • Large holes in the roof
  • Nests in the attic, or stored food
  • Strange smells in the attic
  • An increase in the number of squirrels you see outside

The Importance of Squirrel Removal in Charleston, SC

In Charleston, there are plenty of squirrels thanks to the large trees bordering surrounding cities. While there may not be many squirrels in newly developed areas, there are many in the areas where homes are 5-10+ years old.

If you’re looking for the best Charleston squirrel removal, contact Vinx Pest Control. We’re a top-rated Charleston pest control company located just off of Dutton Avenue, making it easy to hop on the 26 or 526 and get to any of the surrounding areas. Call Vinx today for a free quote if you’re showing any of the signs above!

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