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Mosquito Control in Dallas

Protect Your Yard with Our SafeGuard Warranty

Have mosquitos invaded your yard? If so, you need our mosquito control SafeGuard Warranty. Not only are mosquitoes inconvenient, but they can transmit a lot of diseases. If your home is located in Dallas, TX or the surrounding areas, our mosquito treatment service will let you enjoy your yard again, without the risk of bug bites!

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Monthly Mosquito Control Treatments Are the Key to Successful Extermination

Each month when our mosquito control experts visit your home, they will focus on 2 main things:

  • Getting rid of adult mosquitos – During the heat of the day, mosquitos are drawn to shady areas to escape the heat of the sun - places like under leaves, in the grass, under decks, in trees, etc. We treat all of these areas with a backpack fogger that provides a quick knockdown of adult mosquitoes and leaves a 30-day residual to prevent future invading mosquitos.
  • Eliminate breeding sites – Female mosquitos lay their eggs (up to 300 at a time!) in standing water. Our team will work with you to eliminate and help prevent potential breeding sites. Regarding standing water, any sources that can be eliminated or prevented (debris that catches water, containers in the yard, low spots in the yard where water accumulates, etc.) will be handled by our experts. For water that can’t be eliminated (birdbath, fishpond, etc.), we’ll treat the area with a pet-safe product that prevents the larvae from becoming mature mosquitos.

What to Expect from Our Team

Since mosquitos can fly from yard to yard without touching the ground, we can’t promise complete elimination. However, we can reduce the presence of mosquitos by 80-90%. Our mosquito services are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied after your service, we will return and re-treat at no cost until you’re completely satisfied. If we still can’t meet your expectations, we will refund 100% of your most recent payment. If you live in Carrollton, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Dallas, or the surrounding areas, you won’t find a better mosquito control company.

Available Throughout the State of Texas

While we’re based in Dallas and Carrollton, we provide mosquito control, treatment, extermination, and yard control throughout Dallas County. Whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, or any other town in the area, we want to serve you. And, with our technicians being some of the best in the industry, you can rest assured we’ll get the job done right.

Need mosquito yard control, service, or treatment in Fort Worth? Or do you have a problem in your yard and need mosquito yard control in Arlington TX? Maybe you just need general mosquito control in Dallas? Whatever your mosquito control needs are, let us and our 100% satisfaction guarantee take care of them for you. Fill out our online contact form to get a free mosquito control Dallas area quote.

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