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Stop the Scratching for Good with Our Proven-Effective Solutions

Have animals you love but hate the fleas? Our flea exterminators can get rid of them once and for all. Regular flea treatments you put on your animals help to cut down on the population, but not by much. Fleas are really hard to get rid of, and before you know it, you could have a thriving flea population living in your home and your yard! If you’re sick of the fleas and live in the Dallas or Carrollton areas, let our flea extermination experts get rid of the problem for good.

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How Does Flea Extermination Work?

Our flea extermination programs utilize proven-effective methods and safe, full-strength products to get rid of fleas inside your home or in your yard. Though you can get rid of the fleas on your animals, you’ll find that they’re often infected with fleas again the moment they step outside. Fleas can live in your yard and easily make the jump to your beloved pets, especially if your neighbors have animals with fleas as well. Our extermination methods work with the preventive measures that you already use, like:

  • Getting animals treated for fleas
  • Creating a clean, clutter-free home that can easily be treated
  • Using a flea preventive on animals inside the home
  • Vacuuming at least once a week

Can You Make Sure Fleas are Gone for Good?

Fleas are often thought to be a homeowner issue, but they don’t have to be! An exterminator can get rid of fleas in your home so that you can go back to living your life. Whether you’re heading out to the Dallas Galleria or leaving for an overnight trip to the Gaylord Texan, the last thing you want is to be itching on your way out from flea bites.

Our exterminators use professional-grade treatments that get rid of any existing fleas and prevents their eggs from hatching. Though they can be difficult to get rid of, our experienced Dallas exterminators know exactly what to do to get rid of the fleas in your home—no matter how long it takes!

How Much Will This Cost Me?

We often get asked how much it costs for our top-of-the-line flea extermination services. While we’d love to give you a set price, your flea extermination costs will depend on a few different factors.

First, we’ll need to know the size of your home and your yard. Then, we need to know where you’re seeing the fleas. Though you may only be seeing them inside, chances are they’re in your yard as well.

After we know the size of your home, we’ll give you a free, customized quote. This will include the flea treatment, and we will talk more about follow up costs and our guarantee to make things bug-free at your home! If you’re already a customer, you can even bundle your treatments for a discount.

Let Us Handle Everything

Vinx Home Services Inc is a locally owned and operated company located primarily in Dallas that knows how to get rid of bugs. When you need a flea exterminator, there’s no one better to call! We’ll keep your home, family, and furry family safe with our flea extermination process.

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